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  36 Month Log-A-Way Agreement

The Mountain Valley Log Homes and Restoration offers the easiest way in the industry to purchase a log home or cabin. Our log home packages can be secured with as little as a 10% deposit under our 36-month Log-A-Way agreement. Your deposit protects the terms of the agreement and freezes your log cabin home materials at current prices. This program provides you the option of receiving your delivery anytime up to three years from the date of order.

Advantages of a 10% Deposit

  • The 36-Month Log-A-Way protects the terms of the promotion selected of available log home packages.
  • Freezes your purchase price and protects against future price increases for up to 3 years by placing an additional 10% deposit at the end of the first and second year.
  • Provides you the option of taking delivery anytime up to 3 years from the order date of your log cabin kit. However, we do require a minimum of 45 days notice before delivery date.
  • Purchaser may make design changes or change home model selection prior to final milling date (minimum 45 days before delivery date) for log home packages.
  • Allows you to receive your preliminary blueprints to begin planning, changes and mortgage loans, etc.

If I like Country's Best Log Homes I'll pay $14.99 for a full year. If I'm not satisfied, I'll return the bill marked "cancel" and owe nothing. The cancellation is effective immediately and any trial issues I receive are mine to keep free.

Country's Best Log Homes

US offer only. Click here for Canadian/Foreign subscriptions.

Log Home Maintenance Program


 Is proud to offer everyone our yearly *maintenance program. We take the guess work out of log home maintenance.

After we have properly re-stained your home. And all of the wood boring insects like carpenter bees/ants, have been eliminated. After it has been stained, sealed and completely restored, your home is still susceptible to time and weather.

 Our business is log homes. We have spent years along with Perma-Chink researching new products, new methods and new equipment. We also know the time tested products, methods and equipment to take care of your home. Anyone can apply stain, but it takes experience to apply it properly. There is also a lot more to log home maintenance than just re-applying the stains. Our program takes the guess work and responsibility of log home maintenance.

Once in our program we will contact you twice a year reminding you of our service. During this inspection we look for any signs of insect or water damage. We make sure you don't have any new problem areas around your home that can cause accelerated log rot. This can include flower pots, wall hangings, trees, shrubs, decks, flashing, downspouts and a number of other things. We will also make sure our work is still up to par. If we find anything of concern we will inform you of the problem and what steps need to be taken to solve the problem.

Using an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, we saturate all stained surfaces included with a low pressure rinse to remove mold, mildew, dust, dirt and pollen. Removing the sources for mold and mildew greatly increase the length of time before they grow on the wood surfaces and greatly increase the longevity of the stain used.


 Call for details on how you can have a Maintenance free Log home at 800-248-9909